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Football Fever

Welcome to Eco Fitness Football Fever! 

Eco Fitness Football Fever is one of the main directions of the Eco Fitness Movement.The Eco Fitness Movement is a natural fitness and sports movement (community) established in Riga, Latvia on March 7, 2016. We unite healthy lifestyle, sports and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world and promote the idea of #ecofitness in society. If you are interested and like what we do, join us and become a part of the Eco Fitness Movement!

Football media

If football is your passion, let's stay in touch through your favorite social media:

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Football Community

Join our Facebook group for football lovers.
Meet new friends, share content, gain experience.

Other direcions

Explore other fitness and sports directions of the Eco Fitness Movement!


Tennis Court


Gym King


Meaning of the Eco Fitness Symbol

The Symbol of Natural Fitness & Sports.
Specially created for natural athletes and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts in order to help them 
Become Visible

Become Visible!

Highlight yourself as a clean, natural athlete.

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