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What is Eco Fitness?

Eco Fitness is clean, natural fitness (including sports), free from drugs and preferably free from supplements.

Is it a new type of fitness or sport?

It's not a new type of fitness or sports. Eco Fitness is the quality of fitness, it's the approach, it's the way you are doing it.

How to know if it's eco fitness?

It's simple. The cleaner, the more natural is your fitness or sports, the more eco fitness it is.

Meaning of the hashtag

#ecofitness - I do it naturally!

What is Eco Fitness Movement?

The Eco Fitness Movement is a natural fitness and sports movement (community) established in Riga, Latvia on March 7, 2016.

What we do?
We unite healthy lifestyle, sports and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. We promote a healthy lifestyle and the idea of eco fitness in society.

Why do we do this?
We want to return the concepts of fitness and sports to their original purpose - to strengthen
and develop human physical, mental and vital health naturally. We want to create a place where people with similar interests and common values can meet to have a good time together.

What is our goal?
It would be great if together with our members we could grow the Eco Fitness Movement as one of the largest healthy lifestyle communities in the world and establish "eco fitness" a recognizable term in society. 

Ideology of the Movement
The Eco Fitness Movement has its own set of ideology or beliefs, expressed in The Manifesto.

Eco Fitness & Professional Sport

It is clear that in professional sport and in some individual cases, athletes are forced to use nutritional supplements during the preparation process for the competition and during the competition itself to accelerate the recovery process and overcome excessive physical activity. In these cases, the use of authorized dietary supplements is acceptable. The use of any other prohibited substances or stimulants is against the ideology of this Movement.

Membership and ivolvement
Everyone who likes and supports the idea of Eco Fitness, is welcome to become a part of it. Join our Virtual Community or/and Become Visible in real life.

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