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eco fitness founder arnis lazdenieks

In a few words...

At the very beginning in 2016, it was just an idea of promoting natural fitness and sports. The idea arose on the basis of the trends of that time in society which, as it seemed to me, was in serious contradiction with the original purpose of physical culture and it's ideology.

But as I moved forward and interacted with people, I realized that the key was not to create a revolution in an attempt to break people's existing beliefs and opinions, but to make an opportunity for all of us to be united again.

The primary value of this movement is people and their health - both physical and mental. Health - it is a value that unites us all, it is a prerequisite for our well-being and joy.

I invite you to unite in this high value and to have a good time together as one friendly Family.


Arnis Lazdenieks, the founder of the Eco Fitness Movement

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