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Pole Queen

Welcome to Eco Fitness Pole Queen! 

Eco Fitness Pole Queen is one of the main directions of the Eco Fitness Movement. The Eco Fitness Movement is a natural fitness and sports movement (community) established in Riga, Latvia on March 7, 2016. We unite healthy lifestyle, sports and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Eco Fitness Symbol

A man with an apple in his heart combined with words - eco & fitness. The symbol of natural fitness and sports.


Social media

If pole dancing is your passion, you can follow us on your favorite social media platforms:

The Eco Fitness Family

Our Facebook group for pole dance enthusiasts.
Meet new friends, share your content, have a good time. It's free!


Eco Fitness T-shirts

Attract like-minded people in real life by becoming visible.


Free Pole Dance Tutorials

Free sources that you can use to learn pole dancing

Your video on our page

Want your video to be published on Eco Fitness Pole Queen?

Find out how to get it done. It's free!


Other direcions

Explore other fitness and sports directions of the Eco Fitness Movement!

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