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Boxer's Glove

Your video on Eco Fitness Boxer's Glove

How it works?

Send us a link to already published video (or video collage) on Instagram or Facebook and wait for approval.

If your content meets our publication criteria, we will send you a confirmation and further instructions.

Your video will be published on our social media platforms here:


Video requirements

The length of the video must be between 15 seconds and 3 minutes.
The video position must be vertical only.
We publish videos in 1080x1350 (see example above). Usually, the latest videos uploaded by social media users doesn't fit this size, so we have to crop it a bit to fit in. But don't worry, we will send you the edited video for approval before taking any further steps.

Publication price

Preparation and placement of the publication on our social resources is free of charge.

How can you thank us?

The best way to thank us is to join one of our Facebook groups called the Eco Fitness Family and help our community members to improve by sharing your own experiences and advices.

How to start? The first step.

1. Use Facebook Messenger to contact us.
2. Text us: I want my video on your page + add one or more links of already published videos on your Facebook or Instagram profile.

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